Ruta Mehta

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

My main research interests lie in the areas of algorithmic game theory, mathematical economics, and in design of efficient algorithms. I am interested in exploring the computability of equilibria, both market and Nash, under various settings, and related total search problems from classes PPAD, PLS, and CLS. In addition, I am interested in understanding the impact of strategic behaviour in multi-agent systems, e.g., social networks, fair division of scarce resources, and markets for cloud computing, and avenues for their interdisciplinary applications.
  Prior to joining UIUC, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Simons Institute for Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley, and at College of Computing, Georgia Tech (host: Prof. Vijay V. Vazirani). I received my Ph.D. in computer science from IIT-Bombay under the guidance of Prof. Milind Sohoni and Prof. Bharat Adsul. My Ph.D. thesis titled "Nash Equilibrium Computation in Various Games" won the ACM India Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2012. Here is my CV (updated: 08/06/2017).

Received NSF CAREER Award on Equilibrium Computation and Other Total Search Problems (2018-2023). Thank you NSF!

Graduate Students: Shant Boodaghians, Rucha Kulkarni, Vasileios Livanos (co-advised with Hari Sundaram).

Undergraduate and Masters Students: Shivam Gupta, Spencer Gordon (now a PhD student at Caltech), Wei-Chun Lee (co-advised with Hari Sundaram; now at Google).

Recent Professional Services

Served on program committees of WWW 2018, ITCS 2018, FSTTCS 2017, EC 2017, SODA 2017, EC 2016, ITCS 2016, SAGT 2016, FSTTCS 2015, FOCS 2015, WWW 2015 (poster).

Serving as a Tutorial Chair of WINE'17.

Co-organized a session on Career Advice for graduate students at EC'17.

Co-organized Game Theory Workshop, 14 - 17 Dec, 2015; a part of Combinatorial Optimization trimester program held at Hausdorff Center of Mathematics, Universitat Bonn, Germany.

Recent and Upcoming Visits

Awards and Honors